What do you know about Taiwan? Maybe an Island somewhere in Asia? A place produced eletronics some years ago? Or a political sensetive place becaue of its relation with China mainland? Or, somewhere nice but you have no idea about.

Taiwan, has not been on top of travel list for many people. In Tropical Asia, Thailand still leads the most visited destiantions by internatilnal tourists arrivals, ranked No. 9 on top of the list among all internatioal destiantions in 2016. Why not Taiwan? What Thailand can offer but not Taiwan? It is intriguing.

Why Taiwan? We choose Taiwan as our outbound destaiton is thoughtful. The destiantion is not totally new. It offers world travellers in a different perspective than other tropical Asian countries, and even much more. It’s full of culture, nature and treasure. Forget all what have known about Taiwan, old meomories, old thinking, we will show you a breand new FUN Taiwan!

Taiwan has nothing set in stone. You will never find it boring here but full of energy, full of color, full of love.

Come with China Gateway ApS, explore the turely Asia and enjoy the FUN Taiwan!